Wedding traditions in Turkey

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Welcome to Turkey for your upcoming wedding. Before I start, I need to tell you; If anybody understands that you are a bride or the groom; then you’ve got to tip them. Barber, Henna maker, Hair dresser, Door Man, Cab driver…simply anyone :)

Turkey being in th middle of 7 countries, we have very different and interesting traditions. However, I will not be writing to you about festives that lasts for 4-5 days :) but easy to organize ones.

Henna Party & Fortune telling (“Kına Gecesi” )

This is a tradition probably from over 1000 years. Every region has special version of this party. It is done the day before. However, the very reason is to announce the man and his fiance are now “lovers”. Local people wear special dresses; also there is a special ceremony to make it. Nowadays, there a re many organizers, organizing Henna Parties (especially in Istanbul). Girls nowadays, celebrate it as a “Girls Bachelor Party”, and have a lot of fun.

Fortune tellers, use the Turkish coffee cup (After you drink it), you first put the cup upide down; then tellers look at the shapes, and tell your fortune. This is not special to weddings, and any female in this planet would be interested in :)

Writing single girl friends’ name under the wedding shoes of the Bride

While girl friends meet up in the prep room fo the bride; bride writes the names of the single girl friends’ names under her shoe. The beleif is that; the names that are worn out by the end of the night, will get married very soon :)

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 Groom’s Shave (“Damat Trasi”)

Well  this is also a fun part of the wedding day. The barber comes to your place, or you together with the man of the wedding visit his shop. This is a barber’s shave, with local razor, and very special treatment and massage. Don’t be afriad, when the barber starts a small fire, and fires your ear hair:) That does not hurt, I promise. I suggest, you do not try the waxing, especially during hot summer days.

 Bride’s Turkish Bath (“Gelin Hamami”)

When the groom is ou for shave, girls are out to Turkish Bath (with their music, some food etc.) It is a lot of fun. Also In Turkey, people used to say “if a mom is looking for a girl for her boy, she looks for them at the Bride’s Turkish Bath :)

Visiting Bride’s Home (to pick her up for the ceremony)

This is a big step for the wedding day, and also a good opportunity for the wedding photographer in Turkey. The bride, gets ready at home; bride’s mom, offers delicious home made dishes to guests. Then excitement starts. You hear “Are they coming?” may be 50 times. Then you first hear the loud music made with authentic Turkish Instruments. The groom, arrives with his family and closest friends. You see all the neighbours at their windows, to look at the ceremony :)

Starting from the main door, everybody (generally bride’s best friends) asks for a tip from the groom (the poor guy). A Groom should be ready for wisely planned jokes, like he may think behind that door, the bride is; but her father :) At the very end, he hugs his bride. Well, after quick welcoming cocktail; families pray and she leaves her home. This is the first plan for wedding photographers to catch crying moms, dads brothers and sisters. OK, I even saw some wedding photographer cry out loud :))



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