S & S pre-wedding photographs in Polonezkoy, Istanbul

Or should I say, “wedding photos  right in the heart of the Nature” ?

Hi all,

Before I start, I would like to mention Polonezkoy, as one of the best well preserved parts of the city, founded by Poland immigrants many years ago. Great Nature, unique culture and authentic food! You do not need to get married to visit there :) GO and enjoy the nature and the food!

Wikipedia:  “…Polonezköy or Adampol is a small village at the Asian side of Istanbul, about 30 km (19 mi) away from the historic city center, within the boundaries of the Beykoz district. It was founded in 1842 by Polish settlers…”

When I met them in Acibadem Starbucks, I could see the light in their eyes:) After an hour of talk, I can say, all they want “great natural pitcures in nature, with simplicity but beatiful”.  When (especially brides) tell me about “simplicty” I always ask, how does your wedding dress look like, this is my trick to understand if they are into simplicity or not. Second question I ask is: “We’ll be walking into the forest and village roads, is that OK?” In this case, They were all Positive! and I could not hide my feelings, because that will be my first time in Polonezkoy for wedding photography. And I know, many will come after these…

and, guys don’t tell me you are “shy” when yourwedding  photos are taken, or you are not photogenic :) Statistically, all people says this; however whe you are in the mood, here are the results! Don’t be shy, It’s your wedding day, and those are your wedding photos, that your grnad son’s will be proud of…

Thank you Serra & Serhat sharing your great day, and giving me the responsibility of your wedding photos!

Natural Pre wedding photos of a couple in the beatiful fores of Polonezkoy in Istanbul. Bride holding her groom, nice, cool, simplicity, under long trees, and brown leaves.

At one point, one of the people jogging in the forest, told her friend like “Did-you-see-that-Bouquet!!!” This is one of my favorites of this year as well. So unique…I need to ask her where she had bouquet made.

Ring Details and Unique and Spring Blossom Bouquet over the wood of the Bride at wedding Photography session in polonezkoy istanbul Turkey

Modern and Fancy  Pre-wedding photos of a couple during their wedding day in Polonezkoy Forest shot by Wide angle lens Nikon D700 Sigma 12-24 wedding photogpraher istanbul Turkey

Sun Flare Natural wedding couple photographs in Polonezkoy istanbul Turkey Wedding photographer Turkey istanbul antalya Kas izmir vodrum Cesme

Romantic Kiss  Pre wedding ceremony photographs of a couple in Polonezkoy forest in Istanbul, black and white, under autumn leaves, super wide angle. Wedding photographer Turkey Istanbul Cesme Bodrum Izmir

Couple having romatic times during their wedding day, Wedding photography by Photo Latte Wedding photographer Turkey Istanbul Polonezkoy Cesme Bodrum Antalya KasBridal Photography - Bride walking in the forest of long trees, and siting on the wood Photography taken in Polonezkoy Istanbul Turkey by Wedding photographer turkey istanbul izmir cesme bodrum antalya kas fethiye

Bridal Photography - Bride in the forest of long trees,. Photography taken in Polonezkoy Istanbul Turkey by Wedding photographer turkey istanbul izmir cesme bodrum antalya kas fethiye

A funny dog walking infront of the couple in their wedding day during their wedding photohraphy session in Polonezkoy Istanbul Turkey by, Wedding Photographer Turkey Istanbul Izmir Bodrum Antalya Cesme

Romantic Moments of a bride and groom in Polonezköy Forest in Istanbul turkey. Wedding Photographer Turkey Istanbul Antalya Cesme Bodrum Polonezköy'de romantik anlar düğün fotoğrafları Photo Latte

Seperate photographs of the bride and the groom during the wedding photography session in Polonezkoy Istanbul by wedding photographer Istanbul turkey cesme antalya cesme bodrum / Polonezköy'de düğün günü dış çekimi, damat ve gelin ayrı ayrı, dopal fotoğraflar

Photograph of a Romantic kiss of the couple kissing under flying autumn leaves, wedding day photography Turkey Istanbul Antalya Bodrum Cesme / Düğün günü Dış çekimi, Polonezköy'de yapraklar arasında çekilmiş doğal ve harika bir fotograf.

Wedding photograph, couple on a wooden bridge, romantic moment in Polonezkoy Istanbul Turkey / Düğün günü hikaye çekimi dış çekim, tahta köprü üzerinde çift footğrafı siyah beyaz Black & White natural wedding photograhy

Naturally Smiling Bride in Forest of Polonezkoy in Istanbul Turkey / polonezköy dış çekimlerinde doğal gülümseme

Naturally smiling couple on their wedding photography session, for natural wedding photos in Turkey contact Photo Latte  / Polonezköy'de düğün günü dış çekimi, doğal düğün fotoğrafları

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