Choosing your Best Wedding Photographer in Turkey (Top 10 Tips for choosing destination wedding photographer)

Hellooo everyone,

First of all this post is not to say “I am” the best :) but I know you are looking for the best.

“The Best Wedding Photographer”: We may say the most popular wedding photographer, but still, is it really what you are looking for? For Example, Mc Donald’s, is very popular here;)

Before choosing your wedding photographer, you need to look into following:


#1 Your Style

#2 your Wedding photographer’s Style

#3 The language barrier

#4 Know your photographer: Skype, Facetime

#5 Flexibility

#6 Multi-Cultural Experience

#7 Experience on Venues

#8 Check not only “the portfolio of the bests”, but also all photos of a full wedding

#9 Time frame needed for photo sessions

#10 Local wedding customs at your wedding destination

Destination Wedding Turkey  First dance, Photo of an Enlish wedding Four seasons Garden Istanbul Sultanahmet, Wedding Ceremony, Four Seasons Sultanahmet Terrace. black and wihte photo.Couple huging after saying "I do" right in from of Haghia Sophia English Couple Wedding in Four Seasons Sultanahmet Istanbul Kissing under umbrella, romatic. Four Seasons İstanbul Sultanahmet düğün günü fotoğraf çekimi. fotoğraflar: Photo Latte düğün fotoğrafçısı, wedding photographer and videographer istanbul ilk dans fotoğrafı, çok romatik romantic, with love. 

Stephanie & Charlie (UK)


Let’s look into these with some real life examples:

#1 Your Style:

Well this is the very point ou should decide. The problem with Internet is like you visit the best italian food restaurant in town. You want all from the menu, one bite from each pizza; ice creams, seafood pastas, deserts…You know what I mean :) On Internet you see the best photos of the best wedding photographers of the world. No matter what the concept is. and you want them all. In reality, there is sometimes dissapointment at the end. Because, what you get may not be what you’ve seen.

The question is: How would you like you wedding photos to be like? :

Natural? Romatic? Sexy? Fun? Dramatic? Artistic? Perfect (as in  a magaizne cover)?

This is the first step for perfect match with your wedding photographer.

Destination Wedding Turkey Persian Iranian Wedding Ceremony in IStanbul, istanbul'da İranlı düğün töreni. istanbul wedding photographer wedding videographer honemoon photography couple's photography Turkey Kalkan Kas izmir bodrum antalya

Mark (USA) & Ana (Iran) Wedding in Noya House Buyukada, Istanbul


 #2 Wedding photographer’s Style (does it match yours?):

There are many styles in wedding photography. For example, Russian Photographers; they like extreme colors, HDR effects, even exegerated photoshopping. Some others mainly in the UK, they prefer only shooting natural moments of the wedding (So called, photo journalistic wedding photography). In Turkey most are very strict on posed shots; like shooting for a magazine cover.

Check their web sites, follow their social media accounts to find out more about them; and imagine the photos they present will be on your albums for 100 years.

My personal suggestion may be that, you keep “natural” and no extreme photoshop effects. These may seem fancy now, but what if they look wierd after 5-10 years? :)

Destination Wedding Turkey  Bride and Groom wedding photos shots First dance, Fun, joy, hapiness, Bride bending at the house Hotel bosphorus Wedding Photography of the Bride's portrait, Bridal Party with Bride's Maids in her wedding in House Hotel Bosphorus Istanbul. Wedding Photography by Photo Latte Istanbul Antalya Bodrum Cesme Fethiye Kas Kalkan. Contact us for wedding photographer and video needs also for honeymoon and couple photograpy in Turkey istanbul düğün günü hikaye fotoğrafçısı çift ve balayı fotoğrafları gelin ve damatlar

Aycan (Turkey) & Danny (UK) Wedding in House hotel Bosphorus Istanbul, Turkey

#3 The Language Barrier:

The headline tells itself. You and Your wedding photographer should speak a common language. That is a must! So make sure, you make a Skype call, and see if you can communicate. Moreover, if your photographer speaks good English, that would be a BIG plus in countries like Turkey. Since photographer is with you all day; we offer translations for hair-dressers, make-up artists, drivers, captains…free of charge :)

Destination Wedding Turkey one of the most romantic pre-wedding and couple photograph of a couple laughing and kissing under a colorful umbrella, on a rainy day, by the Bosphorus bridge. Wedding photographer Photo Latte / Düğün Fotoğrafçısı Photo Latte istanbul, izmir, cesme, fethiye, antalya, Kalkan, Kas

Lucien (Holland) & Dilyana (Russia) Engagement in Ortakoy Istanbul

 #4 Know your photographer: Skype, Facetime:

Normally you would meet for a coffee, but it is way different when it comes to distant weddings. Skype is essential for distant weddings. Make sure you schedule a Skype meeting with your photographer. Let this be an opportunity for getting to know each other. As well as, your wedding day schedule, number of guests, venue details, arrival details, what you want/what you don’t etc. But at the end of the day, you’ll find out if you can get the “electric” from your photographer.


Emre & Annette (USA) Wedding in Aral Farm in Bozcaada, Turkey

 #5 Flexibility of your wedding photographer

Again, if it was not a distant wedding; it wouldn’t have been that important; however your photographer is your best friend during distant weddings :) I remember myself hanging wedding dresses, helping the groom with his ball-tie, communicating flower arrangements, DJs, hair-dressers, venues etc.

Make sure your photographer is supporting you by all means, not be a Pain.

Destination Wedding Turkey Australian couple getting married in Turkey weddin gphotography, mirrors and very romantic

Justin (Australia) & Sema (Turkey) Wedding in Le Meridien Hotel, Istanbul

  #6 Multi-cultural experience of the photographer

Distant weddings all comes up with different customs, traditions, ceremonies, rituals. We’ve been to many English, Iranian (Farsi), Canadian, American,Scottish, Greek, Indian weddings (even one Kazakistan) in Turkey. If you are not aware of what will happen next, your photographer will miss a lot!

Once in this Kazakistan wedding, the videographer was out somewhere thinking the wedding ceremony was done; however, Kazakistan people have never ending gift ceremonies, and very important for them. Videographer missed everything!

Indian Weddings: there are 4-5 ceremonies, rituals a day. Your photographer must know, study each one carefully.

Destination Wedding Turkey Australian couple getting married in Turkey weddin gphotography, mirrors and very romantic

Nuria (Kazakhistan) & Kian (Italy-Ireland) Wedding in Jardin De France, Istanbul


#7 Experience on Venues

This is not very very important, however would be helpful if your photographer knows the venue. If not, he may visit in advance to find out best spots for photography and wedding ceremony. Also sometimes, you need you have Venues confirm your photographer, and also places for wedding photography. Some Hotels with historical backgrounds (like Ciragan Palaca Kempinsky in Istanbul, or Four Seasons Sultanahmet), you’ll need to tell hotel management about what your photographer has in mind.

Destination Wedding Turkey Australian couple getting married in Turkey weddin gphotography, mirrors and very romantic wedding-photographer-turkey-istanbul-antalya-kas-bodrum-cesme-izmir-bozcaada_069

 Vanessa (China) & Greg (UK), Wedding The Marmara Pera Hotel Istanbul

 #8 Not photographers best portfolio, but a full wedding photos

This is a common mistake couples do, and a great trick photographers do. Wedding photographers put their best of the best on their web sites, however you need to check photographs of a sample full wedding. Some wedding photographers edit only ~50 photos, rest is extra. This is not my case. If I deliver any photos to my couple, all are edited.

Destination Wedding Turkey Australian couple getting married in Turkey weddin gphotography, mirrors and very romantic wedding-photographer-turkey-istanbul-antalya-kas-bodrum-cesme-izmir-bozcaada_069

Arthur & Stephanie (Scotland) Wedding in Antalya Belek Turkey


 #9 Ask your wedding photographer how much time he/she needs for photo sessions

I’ll make it clear with an example. In Singapore, it may take 4 days (yes 4 days) for wedding photography. 9-10 different places, 20-30 clothes, 5-10 people crew members. Distant weddings may have potentially misunderstandings. So make sure about how much time needed for wedding photographer sessions. In Turkey, it is generally ~2 hours on the day.

Important information for English, American couples getting married in Turkey. Wedding photographers here, are not used to “Bride and groom do not see each other before the ceremony” and they plan the photo session right after both sides are ready! You must carefully arrange a time frame that fits you, the wedding photographer and also the sun. And this is generally the time between ceremony and reception.

Destination Wedding Turkey Australian couple getting married in Turkey weddin gphotography, mirrors and very romantic wedding-photographer-turkey-istanbul-antalya-kas-bodrum-cesme-izmir-bozcaada turkey

Mirela (Bosnia) & Mauro (USA) wedding in Cesme, Sheraton Hotel

#10 Local wedding customs at your wedding destination

This is not directly related to wedding photography, however is sometimes interesing and fun to follow local wedding traditions at your wedding destination. I have a post about “Turkish Wedding Traditions”. Shortly in Turkey you may be interested in fortune telling, Henna day/Night, Bride’s/Groom’s Turkish Bath etc.

First Kiss from grrom to bride in Norther Cyprus Wedding ceremony Salamis Bay Area, Historical Ruins. Wedding Photographer / Düğün fotoğrafçısı Photo Latte

Güldal (Cyprus) & Rob (UK) Wedding in Northern Cyprus


Hope you enjoyed the post. If you want to add more points just let me know.

We welcome you for your destination wedding in great parts of Turkey offering the best beaches and views, nature, oldest history…


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