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Choosing your Best Wedding Photographer in Turkey (Top 10 Tips for choosing destination wedding photographer)

Hellooo everyone, First of all this post is not to say “I am” the best but I know you are looking for the best. “The Best Wedding Photographer”: We may say the most popular wedding photographer, but still, is it really what you are looking for? For Example, Mc Donald’s, is very popular here;) Before choosing your wedding photographer, you need to look into following: TOP 10 TIPS TO CHOOSE YOUR BEST DESTINATION WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER (IN TURKEY): #1 Your Style #2 your Wedding photographer’s Style #3 The language barrier #4 Know your photographer: Skype, Facetime #5 Flexibility #6 Multi-Cultural Experience […]

First dance, Fun, joy, hapiness, Bride bending at the house Hotel bosphorus Wedding Photography of the Bride's portrait, Bridal Party with Bride's Maids in her wedding in House Hotel Bosphorus Istanbul. Wedding Photography by Photo Latte Istanbul Antalya Bodrum Cesme Fethiye Kas Kalkan. Contact us for wedding photographer and video needs also for honeymoon and couple photograpy in Turkey istanbul düğün günü hikaye fotoğrafçısı çift ve balayı fotoğrafları gelin ve damatlar

Best Hotels and Venues in Istanbul and Wedding tips for Destination Weddings in Turkey

Hello everyone! It is so interesting to see so many foreigner couples getting married in Turkey in the recent years. Plus many of them are visiting Turkey for their honeymoons. and they all want to be photographed There are many reasons for “why Turkey?”, that I heard from the couples I photographed during their weddings: -One of the very reason is (for mixed couples), like Iranian-Canadian / Azerbaijan & American, Bosnian & American, Indian & English etc. Turkey is geographically in the middle and there is no Visa issue for both sides (easier to travel for guests). -Legislation is told […]

English Couple Wedding in Four Seasons Sultanahmet Istanbul Kissing under umbrella, romatic. Four Seasons İstanbul Sultanahmet düğün günü fotoğraf çekimi. fotoğraflar: Photo Latte düğün fotoğrafçısı, wedding photographer and videographer istanbul