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Unforgettable Greek Wedding Ceremony in Ecumenical Patriarch Istanbul, and reception in Ciragan Palace Kempinski

Hello everyone, As the winter comes by, it is time to remember the great weddings we shot 2015 summer season; of course with some coffee on the side; preferably Latte. All weddings may look the same, however there is always something making it uniq; sometimes people, decoration, venue; sometimes crazy parties. This time, we were invited to a Greek Orthodoks Wedding in Ecumnenical Patriarch in Istanbul. Vaya & Dimitris, great couple, great family, great friends. We will definately visit them, next time we visit Greece. Me and My wife, we are from the Egean coast of Turkey, very close to […]

Greek Bride, is looking at the groom

Vintage style pre-wedding Photo session in Ortakoy Istanbul Turkey

Ever been to Istanbul? Ever been to Ortakoy?… Ortakoy is one of the most romantic points of Istanbul. Bars, pubs, fancy restaurants, Cafe’s.. (By the way, my favorites are: House Hotel, house Cafe and Kitchenette Ortakoy). Ortakoy is just under the Bosphorus Bridge, which is colorfully lighted-up during the nights. Take your lover, wife, fiance Ortakoy by night, reserve a table at House Cafe by the water, and then after dinner, party at Anjelique or Reina. Anyway, being honest, this was one of my best sessions during my wedding photography life. The day before, the weather was great, however on the […]

one of the most romantic pre-wedding and coulpe photograph of a couple kissing under a colorful umbrella, on a rainy day, by the Bosphorus bridge. Wedding photographer Photo Latte / Düğün Fotoğrafçısı Photo Latte istanbul, izmir, cesme, fethiye, antalya, Kalkan, Kas