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Before I start with the wedding story , I need to tell you about one of the hidden islands of Turkey, Bozcaada.

Wedding beach party in Bozcaada Ayazma Beach-wedding photographer Turkey

Bozcaada, is on the Agean coast of Turkey, famous with the cool beaches, great food, delicious grapes and of course wines. Idea of getting married in Bozcaada, is priceless. First of all, the access to the island is limited, so even during the hottest season, it is not packed like in Bodrum or Antalya. Within a week, you become friends with the people in the Island, because, you probably met them at the breakfast, or by the beach or dinner or the hotel :)

This gives you the idea that the Island is reserved for you and for your wedding.

Oh, just for got to tell you, this was a 3 day wedding. Started with the Picnic, followed by  Arabian Night Party, henna party, morning yoga, beach party in Ayazma Beach,  welcome dinner, Ceremony, and Reception Dinner and of course the wedding party.

The morning I arrived “Aral Cifligi” I had a warm welcome from the owners and also from my gorgeous couple, Annette & Emre. Being honest, I love the couples who tell me what they want clearly. I received a clear briefing from them and also letting me free for my creativity.

The Picnic: Bozcaada has great forests for picnics. The catering was supplied by Aral Cifligi (Aral Farm), mostly fresh mediterranean. Probably this was the only picnic with a DJ set, songs were carefully selected by Emre.  Guests were from around the world, however everybody get in the mood very quickly. It was a great chance for me to meet the close friends and relatives.

Wedding picnic in Bozcaada wedding Photographer Turkey

Photos from the picnic

We also had the chance to perform our first photo session…Boom! They were the ideal couple. Posing, loving, and very much in the mood of  “being photographed”.

When we left the welcome picnic, I was told there is going to be a surprise for tonight. An enthusiastic wedding photographer will always get excited about surprises. There was a costume party with arabian nights concept. Personally I have never been to  costume party (well OK, when I was 5, I was in a superman costume, that I never wanted to remember). I was very much impressed with the guests motivation :)

Costume Party in a Bozcaada Wedding day

Everyone participated with really creative dresses. The funniest parts was to see people first see each other with arabian dresses on. Especially during the night, you start feeling you are in a real arabian wedding :) Well, when the guests started dancing, then you suddenly realize, you are in a costume party. OK, Western world cannot do the oriental dance :)

Costume Party in a Bozcaada Wedding day

They served special Turkish Doner Kebap during the party surrounded with many local Mezes (Meze= cold starters served in small plates).

When the dinner started, Emre, made a very touchy speach about the GEZI Protests that had been going on around Taksim Square. A Birthday Cake was made with Turkish Halva for one of the guests.

A lot dancing, and drinking the whole night…And by the end of the night, Annette & Emre announced the winners of the Best Costume Contest.


Day 2

The second day of the wedding day Henna and Fortune Telling Party. (Well my day started with the delicious breakfast of Aral Tatil Cifligi, and playing around with puppies).

Henna and Fortune telling Party in Bozcaada Wedding Day


There is a saying in Turkish “Never beleive in Fortune Telling, however  never live without it”. Seems, all the women guests of the wedding were very much into Turkish was of forutne telling (Simply telling your fortune looking at the remanings in the Turkish coffee cup).

The Beach Party at Ayazma Beach, was the event for the afternoon. Ayazma Beach, is one of the coldest sea around Agean Sea, but I simply Love it! Your brain freezes, but when you are out you keep cool for around 20 minutes until strong sun. Efes was the official drink of the party:)

Pre wedding day Beach Party in Bozcaada Turkey at Ayazama Beach.

Pre wedding day Beach Party in Bozcaada Turkey at Ayazama Beach.

The pose below, Is on of the poses I had in mind for many years; but I needed to wait for the right couple. Here they are :)

Bride sitting on her Grooms back at a beach destination wedding party in Bozcaada Turkey

The dinner was hosted by Emre’s Family by the fisherman’s harbour Yakamoz Restaurant, again delicious. I am in love with all Bozcaada food!

Delicious food and mezes served at a pre Wedding dinner in destination wedding in Bozcaada Turkey

And the wedding day:

The wedding day started with a morning Yoga (I suggest this to everyone, the best cure for hangovers) and followed by the delicious breakfast of the Aral Holiday Farm, Annette’s preperations started in the Kaikias Hotel. I personally stayed there when it was first opened, the Hotel is a photogenic one for preperations.

Group of friends and relatives having a yoga session on the weddding day in Bozcaada, destination wedding Starting your wedding day with yoga possibly the best way of starting your wedding preps. Group of friends and relatives having a yoga session on the weddding day in Bozcaada, destination wedding

Emre had a great “First Look” planned. He would climb up to the Bozcaada Castle, and Annette will walk all the way up. I love couples planning surprises for each other. I suggest this to any couple getting married, guys don’t take it so serious and make surprises.

bozcaada wedding preperations - wedding photographer turkey

Cool First look by planned Groom during destination wedding in Bozcaada Castle Turkey


And Here we go with the Wedding Shots of Emre & Annette in Bozcaada Destination Wedding. This is a dream island for any wedding photographer. I hope you will enjoy the Castle, The Light house, Vineyard…

Cool Groom Photo in Bozcaada Castle During destination wedding day. Couple kissing in the Bozcaada Castle during the destination photo shooting session in Turkey

2 lovers kissing by the lighthouse on their destination wedding day in Bozcaada Turkey

Wedding photo session in a Wineyard during a destination wedding in Bozcaada turkey bozcaada-wedding-shots--wedding-photographer-turkey-15

Bride holding her whale during the photo shooting session in destination Bozcaada Turkey

Groom the Ring and the Bride in destination Vintage wedding in Bozcaada Turkey

Groom holding his Bride in their-destination-wedding ceremony in Bozcaada Turkey

Happy Tears of the Bride during the wedding ceremony in Destination wedding in Bozcaada Turkey

Probably The first and coolest Sirtaki first dance during the destination wedding reception ib Bozcaada Turkey

The funny speach made by the Bride, Bozcaada Wedding Reception

I am so happy to be able to shot a destination wedding in Bozcaada, such great place for wedding photography, any photographer would feel as I did.

After the photo session, there is the ceremony full of emotions. Emre, grew up in Bozcada then moved to Canada. and one of the ceremony speaches was made by his grand father of 90 years old. Most of the guests were like “Emre, when did you grew up so much! :)”

Here comes the Bride…!

And my favorite photo of the whole 3 days!


The Wedding Sirtaki – The Best Ever first Dance I’ve ever witnessed.

This parts is one of the funniest moments of the wedding. Emre, had Annette read a funny text (in Turkish, and she does not speak Turkish at all).

and they lived happily ever after…

All my best wishes to Emre & Annette, thank you for being such a great couple and now a friend.

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